Transformers Beast Wars II God Neptune

Released in 1998 as part of the Beast Wars 2 toy line, these figures were only available in Japane & never sold at retail in the United States. God Neptune is a redeco of the Generation 1 Seacons set, minus Nautilator. This set comes complete in the box, with instructions. There is a bit of discoloration on the little “fish” guy (sorry I can’t recall his name), but for a figure that is 18 years old: the discoloration is only on one leg, and can…

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Transformers eHobby Deep Cover & Clamp Down MIB

Released in 2003 as an eHobby exclusive, these figures were never sold in the United States. Figures are complete, with the missiles still on the tree, and instructions still in the bag (bags have been opened). There is a bit of discoloration on Clamp Down’s door stickers due to age, but that’s to be expected on a figure that is 13 years old. The boxes are in great shape, no bending on the flaps, and tape still intact on one side. I originally purchased these…

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EZ Starscream (Kero Kero Ace Edition)

This green and yellow redeco of Movie Legends Class Starscream was available with the December 2011 edition of Kerokero Ace magazine, in which the “Keroro Gunsō × Transformers” comic was published. Though identified as “Starscream Keroro Ver.” on the box, which makes it sound like the toy is of Starscream himself, the figure is called “Keroroscream” in various places in the magazine itself, reflecting the events of the comic strip, in which it’s a transformed Keroro. Box has a small rip in it (see pics),…

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