Transformers Victory: Landcross (Reissue)

In 2004 the entire Multiforce team was reissued. There are minor differences between the original and the reissue, such as paint applications in stead of stickers, but the reissue stays pretty true to the original version. This listing is for all six Multiforce members, who can combine to form one large robot called Landcross, or three smaller robots (in any combination you like), or be displayed as six smaller robots/vehicles. The figures are complete with all part to combine into landcross, as well as all…

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Transformers: “Stealth” Waver (Landcross Chase Figure)

In 2004 the entire Landcross team from the Victory portion of G1 was reissued. They were only sold individually in numbered “Blind Boxes”; the boxes were numbered so that you knew which figure you were purchasing, but each figure had a secret “Black Chase” version that was randomly distributed two per case of twelve. If you were lucky enough to have randomly picked the “Chase” version of all six Multiforce members, you could build an entirely black version of the Landcross combiner. This listing is…

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Transformers: Encore Megatron

This is a reissue of the original Generation 1 Megatron. This figure was released in 2007 as part of Takara’s Encore line. The figure is complete, with the stickers applied. As you can see the box is in great shape, and the instructions are included. This figure was part of my own personal collection, but I have recently upgraded to a vintage figure, so I am parting with my reissue. The figure was purchased from Big Bad Toy Store in 2007 by myself, and was…

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