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EZ Starscream (Kero Kero Ace Edition)

This green and yellow redeco of Movie Legends Class Starscream was available with the December 2011 edition of Kerokero Ace magazine, in which the “Keroro Gunsō × Transformers” comic was published. Though identified as “Starscream Keroro Ver.” on the box, which makes it sound like the toy is of Starscream himself, the figure is called “Keroroscream” in various places in the magazine itself, reflecting the events of the comic strip, in which it’s a transformed Keroro. Box has a small rip in it (see pics),…

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Brave Dagwon Dag Base

Dag Base is from the Dagwon portion of the Brave franchise. The figure is a repaint of the Grandus mold from the Japanese portion of the Generation 1 Transformers continuity. The figure does include some re-molding, such as actually having hands, whereas Grandus only has “lobster claws”, slight differences to the head, feet, and probably a couple other minor things that I’m missing. The figure is complete with all parts, instructions & used sticker sheet still in the bag, and the small blue figures are…

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Machine Robo Devil Satan 6

Released by Bandai in Japan, this is the original version of Monsterous from the GoBots line. Monsterous was licensed by Mattel from Bandai for use in the Go-Bots toy line, and was given a new name and new colors for the U.S. Market; this version was only available in Asian markets, and was never released in the United States. The team consists of Gillhead, Barabat, Death Claw, Groguillon, Eyegos, and Blugoda; all in their original (Pre-GoBots) colors. The figures are in great shape. The box…

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