Brave Dagwon Dag Base

Dag Base is from the Dagwon portion of the Brave franchise. The figure is a repaint of the Grandus mold from the Japanese portion of the Generation 1 Transformers continuity. The figure does include some re-molding, such as actually having hands, whereas Grandus only has "lobster claws", slight differences to the head, feet, and probably a couple other minor things that I'm missing.

The figure is complete with all parts, instructions & used sticker sheet still in the bag, and the small blue figures are still sealed in the little plastic tray. The figure is in great condition, and completely white. There is some slight ware to the stickers on the feet. The box shows some ware, and slight yellowing (the box not the figure), from storage and age, but is in overall good condition with the small little cut-out characters still attached to the flaps. The foam tray is in great condition, and even still has the little cross-bar that goes across the figures waist; there is a spot of slight discoloration as can be seen next to the figures left arm.

EDIT: The small black "MicroMaster" style ramp is included, however I did completely overlook this part when I was taking pictures. I will update with a picture when I get a chance... sorry about that.

Price: SOLD

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