Dorvack: Mugen Calibur 1/55 Boxed (Diaclone Roadbuster)

Both Deluxe Vehicles were licensed from Takatoku Toys by Hasbro for inclusion in the 1985 line, and hence were not included in the Japanese line, the cartoon, or the US Marvel comic. The Roadbuster mold was originally "Mugen Calibur" from the Dorvack toyline, though the Transformers release uses a completely different deco.


Released in 1982 Mugen Caliber is the original incarnation of Transformers Generation 1 Roadbuster. Hasbro licensed the mold from Takatoku Toys, and re-colored it, for release in the U.S. market as Roadbuster. There are a couple of different size variations of this figure, both larger and smaller, making it hard to know which one was used for Roadbuster; people misrepresenting the other versions on eBay don't quite help either. This is the 1/55 scale figure, which is the same on that was used for G1 Roadbuster, and includes all of the same accessories.

The figure is in great shape, and comes complete with all the its accessories; small radar dish, 3 guns, 3 antenna, 5 missiles, and all armor pieces, all cast in the correct color plastic (it's pretty common for people to use the green bits from Roadbuster to complete this figure since they are the from the same mold). The figure also includes an unused sticker sheet, instructions, box, and foam tray. The box is in great shape, especially considering it's a 35 year old piece of cardboard designed to be thrown away once the toy was opened. The tray is also in good shape, and includes the foam cross-bar to hold the figure in place.

This is one extremely hard to find figure, and in great shape. Don't miss your chance to add this piece of Transformers history to your collection at a great price.

Price: SOLD

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