EZ Starscream (Kero Kero Ace Edition)

This green and yellow redeco of Movie Legends Class Starscream was available with the December 2011 edition of Kerokero Ace magazine, in which the "Keroro Gunsō × Transformers" comic was published. Though identified as "Starscream Keroro Ver." on the box, which makes it sound like the toy is of Starscream himself, the figure is called "Keroroscream" in various places in the magazine itself, reflecting the events of the comic strip, in which it's a transformed Keroro.

Box has a small rip in it (see pics), figure is still sealed in the bag, but given the way they were distributed whoever originally owned this forgot to clip the small sticker sheet out of the magazine so the stickers are not included.

Price: $11.00 $5.00

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