Grand Stand Convertors: Omegatron (Diaclone Omega Supreme)

Unlike the bulk of early Transformers that drew their molds from Takara's Diaclone and Microchange toys, Omega Supreme's original form was "Super Change Robo Mechabot-1", produced by a company called Toybox. Toybox did not actually design Omega Supreme, instead commissioning his design, along with Sky Lynx, from Takara's then-rival Tomy. As mentioned above, he was not released in Japan under the Transformers brand during the original 1980s run, and it seems that he was not released in the United Kingdom, either; part of the reason for the latter omission is presumably due to the fact that the Mechabot-1 mold was licensed to a UK company called Grandstand and sold as Omegatron, part of Grandstand's Convertors toyline.


Released in Europe as part of the Grandstand Convertors line, Omegatron pre-dates the Omega Supreme release of this mold by a few years. Originally released as Mechabot-1 by Toybox in Japan, this figure was then licensed for release in Europe by the ToyBox company to be released in the European markets. Coincidentally this agreement with Grandstand was the reason that Omega Supreme never seen a European release, due to conflicting licensing agreements between the Grandstand and Hasbro.

The figure is in immaculate condition, complete, no broken clips, and even includes the instruction manual. The box is also in great condition, with no tears, also includes the "band" that goes around the foam, and the loop for the handle is even still intact (this is often ripped or broken on almost every one of these that I've seen). The foam tray looks almost perfect as well.

This is a great figure, and will display well either boxed, loose, or with the box lid off. Don't miss your chance to own this piece of Transformers history at a GREAT price.


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