Machine Robo: Devil Satan 6 (Compete/Boxed)

Released by Bandai in Japan, this is the original version of Monsterous from the GoBots line. Monsterous was licensed by Mattel from Bandai for use in the Go-Bots toy line, and was given a new name and new colors for the U.S. Market; this version was only available in Asian markets, and was never released in the United States. The team consists of Gillhead, Barabat, Death Claw, Groguillon, Eyegos, and Blugoda; all in their original (Pre-GoBots) colors.

The figures are in good shape, the wings are not loose/floppy which is pretty common on these molds. There is a bit of chrome-where on a few of the claws, nothing major, but still worth mentioning (please see the pictures). The box and foam are a bit dirty, but in good shape. This figure will display well either boxed or loose. Don't miss your chance to own this extremely rare figure at a great price.

Price: SOLD

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