Machine Robo: Fossil Saurus (Complete/Boxed)

This Rocklord Combining team is a Japanese exclusive that was relased in the Machine Robo series. The Fossil Lord team is one of the most sought after Rocklords because of its scarcity and that it is a Rocklord combiner...also not to mention just plain cool. The piece is poseable, stands roughly a foot tall and doesn't fall apart when combined. Also another great thing is the addition of the armor parts and guns.


Only released in Japan, Fossil Saurus is the combined form of all four Fossil Lords from the Gobots Rock Lords sub-line. The figure is complete and in great shape, complete, and even includes the small white pellets. The box, foam tray, and insert are in great shape. Paperwork is also included.

This is a great piece of Gobots history, these things don't come up for sale very often, so don't miss you chance to own this very rare piece at a great price.

Price: SOLD

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