Microchange Kabaya: MC-16 Metal Hawk (Loose/Complete)

This figure transforms from a hawk into a metallic ball. It came with two guns that could either be wielded in hawk mode or attached to the sides in ball mode and a circular base upon which the ball mode could sit.
Two versions were available, the more common gold chrome with black plastic accessories or the considerably rarer silver chrome with red plastic accessories. This mold (minus accessories) didn't see release in Transformers until Beast Wars Eggbird and Dark Eggbird where it was retooled to include a keychain. This keychain retool was later (again without accessories) used for Kiss Players Zangetsu.


Predating the Transformers line, many of the Microchange figures were later repurposed for use in the later Transformers Generation 1 Toy Line (often referred to as the "Diaclone Era"). While Metal Hawk did not see a G1 release, it was later used in the Beast Wars Line as Eggbird, Dark Eggbird, and Zangetsu. This is the extremely rare Kabaya version of this figure, and was released as a model kit that you had to assemble yourself. The Kabaya kit did not include any of the accessories that the Microchange version came with (according to the instructions). This is an official figure, and does come with the official Takara stamp on the wing. Also included is are the instructions for the figure.

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