Microchange: MC-03 Condor Boxed/Complete (Diaclone Laserbeak)

MC-03 Condor

The first version was used for Laserbeak. The blue second version was used for the e-HOBBY figure Garboil. Buzzsaw's and Sundor's decos were created for the Transformers line.


Release in 1983 Condor is the original version of Laserbeak, before the inception of the Transformers brand. Originally released by Takara under their Microchange line, this figure shares the same deco as his Generation 1 counterpart with the most notable exception being the large Takara logo across the stickers on the cassette and the insert for the cassette case.

The figure is in great shape, the wings and neck are both tight, and the stickers are in great shape. The figure comes complete with both weapons (weapons do show some chrome wear, see pics), cassette case (with insert), plastic tray, box, and instructions. The instructions have been ripped, and have some very old tape on them, but for a figure of this age it is hard to come by one that is completely "mint". The box is in good condition, however it does show some wear from age/storage, but will display well.

Don't miss your chance to own this unique piece of Transformers history at a great price.

Price: SOLD

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