Microchange: MC-12 Gun Robo Walther P-38 (Black “Diaclone” Megatron)

Pre-Japanese Megatron. This toy did not include any gun attachments, but had a gun, sword, and plastic pellets. It came with blue inner arms and legs, and was either black with a brown grip, or grey with a black grip in gun mode. The grey version was used for all vintage Japanese Megatrons (The Goodbye Megatron set came with the U.N.C.L.E. scope). The toy's grey deco was used for the e-HOBBY Megaplex figure.


Released in 1983 by Takara in the Microchange toy line, this is the black version of Pre-Transformers Megatron. The figure is complete with all accessories, bullets still on the tree, targets are present (still attached to each other), the stickers are unapplied, and paperwork is included. The box is in good shape, but has a slight bit of wear from age, but will display excellently either boxed or loose. The foam tray is almost perfect. There is a small spot on the sword where the chrome has started to age a bit (see pics), but for a figure that is 34 years old it is in incredible condition.

I used this figure for a gallery on the blog, more pictures can be found here: Plastique Freak | Gallery: Microchange MC-12 Walther P-38

Price: SOLD

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