Microchange: MC-21 Radi-Cassette Robo (Diaclone Blaster)

This figure came with an AM radio in the form of a fake Micro cassette, and an earphone. One could listen to the radio through the earphone, or put the radio in the main toy's cassette deck. After moving the switch above the left speaker "on" and pressing "play", a pair of batteries in the toy's right leg would amplify the signal from the cassette. A knob to the right of the tape door could change the station, and a volume knob and a plug for headphones were located on the toy's left leg. Due to the speaker plug, the transforming micro cassettes could not fit in the tape door. They could, however, fit in a compartment in the toy's back. The earphone plug could also fit in the small hole on the stock of the toys gun, and the speaker could fit in the large hole at the gun's center. The toy came in either blue or red. The red deco was used for Blaster.


Figure is in good shape for its age. There is some sticker wear, and the box is a bit tattered, but for a figure that is well 30+ years old it's hard to come by one that doesn't show a bit of wear. Figure is almost complete, I believe there is a door that's supposed to go on his back, but it still displays extremely well, and also includes the small cassette and ear bud that came with him. The contacts for the batteries are clean and corrosion free, but I have not tested the electronics to see if the work or not.

Price: SOLD

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