Microman: AvP Scar Predator

When the words got out in late 2004, that TAKARA plan to release Microman Micro Action Series versions of the Aliens and Predators from AVP movie most fans were very skeptical. Though the rumor was not entirely unfound since TAKARA did release the then un-likely Microman versions of DC Comics Batman. Then prototype pictures and sketch of the figures started to surface and the rumor was confirm that there was indeed Microman AVP line the work. However, 2004 came and went and the AVP series never made the appearance. The series was delay several times and finally was released in late June of 2005. The test shots and promotion photos of the figures were greeted with much delight by fans of both AVP and Microman figures since these pictures show not only a highly details but also super-articulated Micro versions of these cult favorite movie icons. TAKARA released total of five figures for AVP line including two Aliens figures MA-13 Alien Warrior Type and MA-14 Alien Queen Type, plus three Predators figures MA-15 Elder, MA-16 Scar and MA-17 Celtic


These figures are super articulated, and compliment other 3.75" scale figures such as G.I. Joe & Marvel Universe perfectly. You can see the basic body structure of the Microman AvP figures in a gallery on the Plastique Freak blog located HERE.

The figure comes  on the card, but as you can see the tape on the back has split due to age. The figure has not been removed from the packaging, but due to the tape being split it is being sold as "Mint On Card" and NOT "Mint On Sealed Card". These figures have a reputation for being a bit fragile: as such this figure is being sold "AS IS". I am more than happy to answer any questions or take additional pictures if you like, just contact me in any of the was on the sidebar and I will get back to you ASAP.

Price: SOLD


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