Microman: AvP Warrior Alien

MA-13 Alien Warrior is all new molding using the just the basic design of Microman Full Action Body. One can see some of the elements from Micro Full Action Body such as the knee joints and the shoulder joints but it is essentially all new body. Micro Alien has very nice sculpt and details but with so many others highly detail figures of Aliens release by both US and Japan toy company this version is hardly definitive. The figure is a nice "action-figure toy" version of Alien with nice articulations that you would expect from Microman brand. The figure sadly like most figure from the 2005 Microman line suffer from the poor construction and quality control. On this particular Micro Alien Warrior, the left shoulder is very loose while the right shoulder is stuck to the torso by paint. Though this can be easily fix and the problem would not have been so glaring if it were not for the defects in other figures in the series. The figure is not bad and is very fun to pose, the tail is a little stiff and would be great if it is made with wire insert and the head shell is a little too opaque and hide the nice detail underneath. Micro Alien comes with several accessories including Face-Hugger, Chest-Buster and the pod.


These figures are super articulated, and compliment other 3.75" scale figures such as G.I. Joe & Marvel Universe perfectly. You can see the basic body structure of the Microman AvP figures in a gallery on the Plastique Freak blog located HERE.

The figure comes  on the card, but as you can see the tape on the back has split due to age. The figure has not been removed from the packaging, but due to the tape being split it is being sold as "Mint On Card" and NOT "Mint On Sealed Card". These figures have a reputation for being a bit fragile: as such this figure is being sold "AS IS". I am more than happy to answer any questions or take additional pictures if you like, just contact me in any of the ways on the sidebar and I will get back to you ASAP.

Price: SOLD

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