Takara Watch Q: F-15 Eagle (Complete/Boxed)

When the Watch-Q line was released it was already linked to the Microchange line as it featured a re-release of MC-06 Watch Robo. Three of the Watch-Q line up were also released in the main Transformers toy line. Overall there were 19 watches released in the line with an additional watch which did not pass the prototype stage.

Additionally the line featured two types of watches aimed at girls released in 1985 which were more expensive than the standard releases from which they were recoloured as they came with additional accessories. Each of these two watches were released with 3 colour variants and this mini line was entitled "Pure Watch-Q".

-Soundwave's Oblivion

Released in 1984 as part of Takara's Watch-Q line, these pre-Transformers figures are incredibly hard to find. This is the blue version, and is un-used condition. All the landing gear and fins are intact, with no stress marks, and the band also includes the cardboard insert that goes in the loop for the strap. The box is in great condition, and the plastic tray shows little to no wear on the "fabric-ey" material that covers the front side. Paperwork is included, as well as a sealed baggie that contains the stickers and stand.

Price: SOLD

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