Transformers Armada: Unpainted Destruction Mini-Con Team MISB

As part of the "Golden Week" holiday, Japanese "TF Station" affiliate stores gave out solid-white versions of the Destruction Team at a limit of one per customer. These pieces were made with the intent of being "paint your own" versions.


Released in 2003 as part of a Golden Week holiday promotion, these were given out at a TF Station affiliate stores as all white "Paint Your Own" versions of these figures (just like the ultra rare white versions of the Japanese exclusive Headmasters). Here we have all three members of the team (Buzzsaw/Wheel, Drill Bit/Crush, and Dualor/Duster) still sealed in their individual baggies with instructions. The figures were limited to one per customer, so to find all three of these figures together still sealed 14 years later is quite rare.

Price: SOLD

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