Transformers Beast Wars: EC-3 Eggbot (Sealed)

Eggbot transforms from a mechanical sphere (ostensibly an "egg" mode) into a robot. He is cast in translucent blue plastic except for a handful of chromed and die-cast parts. He has a non-removable keychain attached to his robot mode back (well, you can remove it if you bend the metal attaching ring).

The Egg Beasts were late (and low-run) additions to the Takara Beast Wars line, and as such demand a higher price tag than one would expect at first.
This mold is a retooling of the pre-Micro Change "Metal Man" toy, giving him a new face and a loop for his attached keychain.

This mold was also used to make Dark Eggbot and Kiss Players Star Dust.


Released in 1998, Eggbot is a repaint of the Pre-Transformers Microchange MC-14 Metal Man mold. The figure comes complete, and sealed on the card. The card is not in perfect condition, but will still display well; also very ripe for opening if you choose.

Don't miss your chance to own this extremely rare figure at a great price.

Price: $80.00

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