Transformers Beast Wars: Gigastorm (Boxed)

Gigastorm is a partial retool of Trypticon, giving him a new dino-mode nose-horn as well as removing the metal ball-bearings from the outsides of the legs. He transforms from a T. rex-thing to a base-form-thing. Gigastorm lacks most of Trypticon's accessories, only coming with Gigascouter, a redeco of Full-Tilt.

This toy was repurposed as the Gigastorm Armor.


Released in 1992 Gigastorm is a repaint and slight re-mold of Generation 1 Trypticon. The box is a little rough, with a puncture on the bottom (see pics), this was most likely due to not having much by way of packing material for the figure inside the box. The figure itself is in great shape, and complete, with little or no play-wear... mostly due to it having sat on my shelf since about 2007 lol. Instructions/paperwork are not included, unfortunately they've been lost over time.

This is a great figure and an awesome re-tool of a G1 mold. Don't miss your chance to own this awesome piece at a great price.

Price: SOLD

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