Transformers Beast Wars: Gigastorm (Loose/Complete)

Gigastorm is a partial retool of Trypticon, giving him a new dino-mode nose-horn as well as removing the metal ball-bearings from the outsides of the legs. He transforms from a T. rex-thing to a base-form-thing. Gigastorm lacks most of Trypticon's accessories, only coming with Gigascouter, a redeco of Full-Tilt.

This toy was repurposed as the Gigastorm Armor.


Released in 1992 Gigastorm is a repaint and slight re-mold of Generation 1 Trypticon.  The figure is complete, chrome is in fair shape, and has some play wear.

This is a great figure and an awesome re-tool of a G1 mold. Don't miss your chance to own this awesome piece at a great price.

Price: SOLD

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