Transformers Beast Wars II: God Neptune (Boxed)

Sold only as a boxed set of five toys, God Neptune is a redeco of most of the Generation 1 Seacon team; not only does the set not include a redeco of Nautilator, but the weapons and gun-mode stands for the individuals are also not included. Since the set uses the Scramble City-style of construction, the body and limbs are interchangeable with similar-build combiner teams.


Released in 1998 as part of the Beast Wars 2 toy line, these figures were only available in Japan & never sold at retail in the United States. God Neptune is a redeco of the Generation 1 Seacons set, minus Nautilator. This set comes complete in the box, with instructions, trading card, and other paperwork still in the bag. The figures all look good, with no noticeable yellowing that I could see, and no stress mark on the sword (which is pretty common for this mold).

Price: SOLD

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