Transformers Beast Wars II: God Neptune (Loose)

Sold only as a boxed set of five toys, God Neptune is a redeco of most of the Generation 1 Seacon team; not only does the set not include a redeco of Nautilator, but the weapons and gun-mode stands for the individuals are also not included. Since the set uses the Scramble City-style of construction, the body and limbs are interchangeable with similar-build combiner teams.


Released in 1998 as part of the Beast Wars 2 toy line, these figures were only available in Japan & never sold at retail in the United States. God Neptune is a redeco of the Generation 1 Seacons set, minus Nautilator. This set comes complete with all accessories (no box/paperwork). The figures all look good, with the only noticeable discoloration that I could see being on the connector bits of the shark, stingray, and fish (see pictures); none of which is noticeable in combined mode. No stress mark on the sword (which is pretty common for this mold), and the instructions are included.

Price: SOLD

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