Transformers Collection #18: Reissue Soundblaster (Sealed)

The first reissue of Soundwave's original toy was released as part of Takara's The Transformers Collection, and this time came with Laserbeak. The toy reinstates Soundwave's chest-mounted Decepticon symbol, relocating the rubsign to the cover of his battery compartment, but otherwise features no notable differences from the original, post-button-remold version of the figure. This was, however, many international fans' first exposure to Soundwave's modified button mold, and it was erroneously assumed by many that the change had been first made for this release as an artefact of modifying the Soundblaster mold back into Soundwave.

Not ones to waste the opportunity now that they had the mold back in action, Takara also reissued Soundblaster as part of the Transformers Collection, sweetening the deal by including not just his original partner Buzzsaw, but also the first reissue of Ravage. Despite the opportunity, they still didn't change the color of Soundblaster's stickers from Soundwave-blue to black.


Released in 2003 this was the first reissue of Soundblaster. Soundblaster was a Japanese exclusive character from the Headmasters portion of the Generation 1 continuity, and was essentially a black repaint of Soundwave. The figure(s) come sealed in the box, and includes Soundblaster, Buzzsaw, and Ravage. The figures are complete with their accessories (as can be seen in the pictures). The box is a little rough, and there is a bit of separation on the cover/flap (see pics), and for some reason there is also a piece of Velcro on the front. The box is not perfect, but it is not priced like it is either. This will still display well boxed, but is also ripe for opening.

Price: SOLD

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