Transformers: Dark Hot Rod (Complete/Boxed)

A redeco of the Autobot Hot Rod toy in blacks and grays sold only at the 2001 Tokyo Toy Festival, Black Rodimus transforms into a futuristic/Cybertronic race car. Though his plastics and paint colors changed, his decals were the same as the normal Rodimus release. It is noteworthy that the hood and door stickers, factory-applied on other versions of the Hot Rod mold, were not preapplied to Black Rodimus, instead being included on a separate sticker sheet. Limited to 1500 pieces and packaged in a monochrome black version of Hot Rod's normal packaging, Black Rodimus was only available with the joint purchase of the "Crystal Rodimus" version of Hot Rod.


Released in 2001 this figure is a redeco of the original Generation 1 Hot Rod toy. This figure was limited to 1500 pieces produced, and available exclusively at the 2001 Tokyo Toy Festival. The figure is in great shape, complete with all accessores, paperwork, but does have some of the stickers applied. The unapplied stickers are included (see pics), so that you can finish stickering it up for yourself if you so choose. The box is in good shape, and will display very well for those of you who display your figures in the package.

This figure is very limited, and doesn't show up for sale very often. Don't miss your chance to own this unique deco at a great price.

Price: SOLD

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