Transformers eHobby Deep Cover & Clamp Down MIB

Released in 2003 as an eHobby exclusive, these figures were never sold in the United States. Figures are complete, with the missiles still on the tree, and instructions still in the bag (bags have been opened). There is a bit of discoloration on Clamp Down's door stickers due to age, but that's to be expected on a figure that is 13 years old. The boxes are in great shape, no bending on the flaps, and tape still intact on one side.

I originally purchased these for my personal collection, but have decided to part with them (mostly due to interest in other hobbies), so I'm not going to be too upset if these don't sell lol. I haven't seen either of these for sale under $200-$250 each in quite some time, so I think my price is pretty fair, but I am open to offers.

Price: SOLD



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