Transformers Encore: Omega Supreme w CrazyDevy Upgrades

In June 2008, TakaraTomy released the toy for the first time in Japan as part of their Encore line. This new release was slightly retooled to have a face (well, the top half of one) in the tank turret which becomes his head, although this ends up looking odd in vehicle mode.


Released in 2008, this is reissue of Generation 1 Omega Supreme. The figure comes complete with all of its accessories, and even includes the CrazyDevy upgrade kits to give him more height, articulation, and a more cartoon accurate face (CDMW-37, CDMW-27, & CDMW-24). Figure also includes all of it's original parts so that 3rd party addons can be removed as well.

Great figure, great price, don't miss out.

Price: $150.00

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