Transformers Encore: Twincast MISB

Twincast was available again as part of TakaraTomy's Transformers Encore series of reissues. For this release of Twincast, the techno detailing of his door is smoothed over for cartoon accuracy. Also to add to cartoon accuracy, his face is colored in a metallic yellow with metallic light blue eyes instead of silver with gold eyes. All of the original Twincast's stickers have been replaced with tampographed detailing for this release, including a large Autobot symbol on his chest (where the techno detail was present on previous releases). Twincast also features a darker blue from the previous releases as well as a different shade of yellow for his tape deck door.

Twincast came with Nightstalker and Stripes.


The figure comes complete, still sealed in the box. The box dose show some signs of wear from storage/age, but the figures are in great shape. Since the box is still sealed you don't have to worry about completeness; all accessories, and paperwork, are included. This set also includes both exclusive cassettes, Nightstalker & Stripes, which were only available in this box set.

Price: SOLD

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