Transformers Headmasters: Raiden (Incompete)

Raiden began life as the Diaclone "Trainbot", released as part of the "Real and Robo" subline. One of the few Diaclone toys not initially ported over for release in Hasbro's Transformers line, the Trainbots eventually found their way into the Transformers universe a few years later when they were released by Takara, with the addition of waist and back armor panels for their combined mode, as part of the Headmasters line, available only in Japan.

The six Trainbots who form Raiden were available both individually and together in a giftset. Like his fellow Diaclone-born combiner Devastator, each of Raiden's components becomes a specific part of his body; they are not interchangeable, like the later-designed "Scramble City" combiners were. Raiden requires several additional parts to complete his combination, beyond the usual extremities-and-chestplate accessories of most other combiners, which take the form of various unique weapons: his shoulder-mounted "Wing Lasers", ankle-mounted "Leg Beams" and hand-held "Train Bazooka" gun, none of which are wielded by any of the smaller Trainbots.

The Trainbots were later re-released in 1990 as part of the Zone toyline, but only in individual packaging, never as a giftset.


Released in 1987 Raiden is probably one of the most sought after figures in the G1 toy line. These figures were never released in the U.S., and have easily become one of the most iconic Japanese exclusive Generation 1 figures in the whole toy line.

The figures are in good shape, not mint, but still in a very displayable condition. Included are all six of the train-bots, and all of the combiner bits needed to display Raiden in his combined form, however one of the silver "wings" is missing. None of the small/individual weapons/accessories are included. The only parts included are what is pictured... but lets face it, most people only want to display him in combined mode anyway lol. Also included are all seven tech-spec cards, they are not mint, but are still in good shape. There is a bit of tape residue along the one edge (see pics) however a bit of TLC will be able to clean that up very well.

Price: SOLD

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