Transformers Headmasters: Twincast (Reissue)

For this Japanese-exclusive release, the first Blaster toy was redecoed into a rather cacophonous new blue, yellow, and red color scheme. Like his contemporary redeco Soundblaster, his chest door was retooled in order to accommodate two cassettes at once, and changed from colorless clear plastic to translucent red as part of a gimmick with his pack-in partner, Steeljaw. This version of Steeljaw sports a new decal depicting Scorponok, which reveals the Decepticon's weak spot when placed behind Twincast's red door, working in the same manner as a Tech Specs decoder.


Figure is in good shape, and complete. I know Twincast has been reissued ore than once, but I'm not sure which one this is. It's not the original though because the Autobot symbol is a tampograph and not a sticker. The figure is white, and the eject button is in working order.

Price: SOLD

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