Transformers: Japanese Boxed Blot (MISB)

Blot transforms into a navy blue and lavender monster. What sort of monster is a hard thing to determine, as the details molded into him don't particularly point to any one creature. His shoulder span and long arms indicate something ape-like, while his pointed nose and sloped head give him a mole-like appearance. Pretty much, if you say Blot looks like something (say, a giant ambulatory nose), he has a decent chance of actually looking like it. However, his Shattered Glass counterpart's bio states that it is an ogre.

Blot's monster mode is nicely poseable for the time, having hinge elbows and full swivel shoulders and hips. His head can also rise up a bit, but due to his unpainted eyes, the effect is negligible. In robot mode, his articulation is reduced to just a single joint per arm. His box art shows these to be his elbows, but from looking at just the toy, they could be his shoulders. Due to his broad monster mode width, Blot's small, square-peg head conspires against him and makes him look immensely out of proportion.

He can form the leg or arm of any Scramble City-style combiner, though he is nominally Abominus's right arm. His usefulness as a leg is highly questionable, as his extraordinary width tends to push against whoever is positioned opposite him. Even his arm mode is far from ideal, as his beast mode legs project so far out that even Abominus' specially-shaped gun only barely clears them. He can also attach to Metroplex's robot mode.

There is a variant of Blot which does not have the rubsign indent.


Released in 1987 Blot can form the arm or leg of Abominus. The figure comes complete still sealed in the box. The box is in extremely good shape with only noticeable ding being in the top left of the flap (see pics), and a flap that is un-bent.

Released 30 years ago it is extremely rare to find one of these still sealed, and even more rare to find the Japanese version still sealed in the box. Don't miss your chance to own this pristine example of Blot and complete your MISB Abominus set at a great price.

Price: SOLD

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