Transformers: Japanese Boxed Breakdown

The original Breakdown toy transforms into an off white Lamborghini Countach. He comes with a blue double-barreled cannon that attaches to the back of his vehicle mode. In robot mode, he is armed with a small blue laser pistol. As he was designed with the Scramble City-style of combination, he can form the arm or leg to any similarly-constructed super robot. Although the 1986 Stunticon gift set shows Breakdown as the left arm of Menasor, Breakdown's nominal placement is as Menasor's right leg.


Released in 1986 Breakdown is a member of the Stunticons combiner team, and can form either an arm or a leg for Menasor. The figure comes complete with small gun, large double barred blaster, and connector. This is the Japanese boxed version, the box shows some signs of wear from age and storage, but for a piece of cardboard that's 31 years old it's in pretty good shape, and the flap stands tall.

To find a Japanese boxed version of this figure in the United States is extremely rare, so don't miss your chance to own this figure and box at a great price.

Price: SOLD

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