Transformers: Japanese Boxed Turtler/Snaptrap

Snaptrap transforms into a mechanical land tortoise, which is odd considering the aquatic theme of the Seacons. A lever on his back makes the large cannons over his beast mode head move back and forth in a "pom-pom" reciprocating motion. His large black rifle can be mounted on the rear half of the shell. All four of his legs are articulated, the beast mode head is articulated at the neck and has an opening jaw. In robot mode he is armed with his rifle and large sword. The rear half of the turtle shell can be fitted on his shoulders as a shield.

He forms the torso of the combined mode Piranacon, but since the mold uses the Scramble City-style of combination, he can use any limb-robot of similar construction. The rear of the shell/shield becomes Piranacon's chest and he is armed with Snaptrap's sword.


Release in 1988 this is the Japanese release of Snaptrap who was sold under the name Turtler in Japan. The figure is complete with both fists, both feet, sword, gun, shield/chest plate, and King Poseidon/Piranacon head. The figure is in good shape, and the chrome is in decent condition on the shield. The box is a bit rough, and shows wear from storage/age, but will still display nicely.

Price: SOLD

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