Transformers Junior: Star Saber (Boxed)

Transform Jr Star Saber is an immensely simplified version of the larger figure—and that's no exaggeration. His Brainmaster gimmick and the V-Star's base mode are eliminated, and there is virtually no element of actual transformation left in the figure. Saber's jet mode wings are a separate piece that is removed, as are the V-Star's tailfins, and to combine the pair, rather than fold up Saber's legs, you simply pull them off and plug them into his chest. None of that, however, compares to the fact that Saber's jet nosecone is now a piece of folded-up cardboard, lacking its other functions as a shield or sword hilt.


Released in 1989 as part of Takara's Transformers Jr. sub-line, this is Star Saber Jr. The figure comes complete in the box, with unapplied sticker sheet, and unused cardboard cutout for the nosecone. The figure is white, and no pegs broken on any of the attachments. The box is in good shape with only slight bending on the flap (see pics), and the foam tray is in excellent condition.

This figure doesn't show up for sale very often, and is extremely hard to find in this condition. Don't miss your chance to own this rarity at an extremely good price.

Price: $325.00 SOLD

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