Transformers Kiss Players: Rosanna, Glit, & Sundor (Sealed)

A redeco of the Laserbeak/Buzzsaw mold, Sundor transforms from a microcassette that can fit into the tape door of the Soundwave and Blaster toys to a robot condor. It was available only in an e-HOBBY exclusive set with Glit and Rosanna.


Released in 2006 this set includes all three Kiss Players Cassettes (Sundor, Rosanna, & Glit). These figures were eHobby exclusive redcos of the Generation 1 Eject/Rewind, Laserbeak/Buzzsaw, and Ravage molds. The box on these figures is still sealed, and includes all three figures, their weapons, instructions, as well as exclusive CD. The box is in good shape, and will display well if you choose to keep them sealed.

A must have for any Cassette Collector, don't miss your chance to own these exquisite figures at a great price.

Price: SOLD

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