Transformers Kiss Players: Sparkbots Angela, Star Dust, & Zangetsu (Sealed)

Available only in the Sparkbot three-pack with his teammates Angela and Star Dust, Zangetsu is a bright white clear-plastic redeco of the Eggbird/Dark Eggbird mold (itself a retool of Micro Change Metal Hawk), transforming from a sphere into a robotic bird of prey of some kind. He has a keychain attached to his breast.

The Sparkbots set was only available at the Tokyo Toy Festival 2007 on March 18th, and is the final release in the Kiss Players toy line. The set also came with a new CD.


Release in 2007, this set was only available at the Tokyo Toy Festival. Angela, Star Dust, and Zangetsu are repaints of MC-14 Metal Man, MC-15 Metal Leo, and MC-16 Metal Hawk from the Pre-Transformers Microchange toy line. These molds were also used to make Eggbot, Eggbird, and Eggleo from the Beast Wars toy line. The figures come complete and are still sealed in the box. The box does show a bit of wear from age/storage but will still display well if you decide to keep them sealed.

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