Transformers Masterforce: Grand Maximus Parts

Released in 1988 as part of the Supergod Masterforce portion of the Generation 1 toy line, Grand Maximus was only available in Japan, and is easily one of the sought after figures in the Transformers franchise. This is your chance to pick up some of those hard to find pieces to complete your figure, or pick up a good starter body as a project or to upgrade your yellowed/broken figure at a good price.

Body: In good shape slightly yellowed, most parts have been removed. This is a great starter figure to work on completing or a good upgrade to your already yellowed/broken figure. Jail both cell doors ARE included. Price: SOLD

Lower Chest Door/Flap. Price: SOLD

Small Hand Guns: x2 These are the small guns that go on the hands for Grand Max. Price: SOLD

Large Red Stairs: These are the large set of stairs that attache to Grand Max's right leg. Price: SOLD

Large Blue Leg Gun x1: These are the blue double barreled blasters that attach to Grand Max's legs. Price: SOLD

Elevator Doors x2: These are the doors that attach to Grand Max's waist and serve as the lower doors for the elevator gimmick.< Price: SOLD

Cockpit Canopy: This is the canopy that goes over the cockpit area that the small headmaster sits in. Price: SOLD

Large Chest Door: This is the door that attaches to the left side of Grand Max's chest. Price: SOLD

Large Center Ramp: This is the ramp that attaches to the center of Grand Max in city mode. Price: SOLD

Arm Guns x2: These are the medium sized double barreled blasters that attach to the forearm of Grand Max. Price: SOLD

Gun Covers x1: These are the door/flaps that cover the double barreled blasters on Grand Max's forearms. Price: SOLD

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