Transformers Masterforce: Ranger (Boxed/Complete)

Ranger's Transtector transforms into a red and baby-blue baja buggy, into the roof of which the figure's grey "Napalm Blaster" rifle can be plugged. Like any Godmaster, the figure cannot transform into robot mode until the Ranger Godmaster figure is transformed into engine mode and snapped into place in the socket in the toy's hood.

Ranger was sold concurrently in Hasbro markets as Joyride and Hotwire, with green and magenta plastic in place of Ranger's white and red. Later in the year, the Godmaster engine was redecoed into the Masterforce Warrior Aquastar.


Released in 1988, Ranger was a Japanese exclusive deco of Generation 1 Joy Ride. The figure comes complete in the box with its Godmaster/Powermaster engine, and gun. The box is in good shape, however there is a crease along the spine of the flap, but the flap still stands on its own. The figure is in good shape, but does have a bit of sticker were (see pics). Unfortunately the instructions & paperwork have been lost to time. This is one of the harder to find Japanese figures, and would make a great addition to any G1 display.

Don't miss your chance to own this great figure at an awesome price.

Price: $350.00

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