Transformers Metamorphs: Liokaiser (Vintage Knock Off)

Released only in Japan, Liokaiser is a unique and highly sought-after combiner. Unlike most other combiners at its time of release, Liokaiser has almost no "combiner kibble", his feet and hands being built into the component robots. Only his combined-mode head is a separate accessory; even his hand-weapon is assembled from Killbison and Jallguar's extra weapons. However, in this form, the individuals' breastplate-animal partners cannot be stored and must be put aside.

Though his components were all sold as individuals, they were also available in a single Liokaiser box set.


This is the vintage Taiwanese knock off and was sold under the Metamorphs banner. The figure is identical in size and quality to the original (see comparison picture). In fact it when I first started collecting it was pretty common practice to use the parts off of these Metamorphs knock offs to complete vintage figures because they are virtually indistinguishable. The only noticeable difference is that the stickers lack the Decepticon logo.

The figures are in good shape, and are a great way to get this add this figure to your collection at a fraction of the cost of the official one... plus unlike the Takara version, there is no worries of Gold Plastic Syndrome (GPS) on Killbison.

Price: SOLD

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