Transformers: Nucelon Quest Convoy (Boxed)

This redeco of the Ginrai tooling of the Powermaster Optimus Prime figure (released concurrently with the 2001 reissue of the Ginrai figure) was a Toys R Us Japan exclusive black repaint, made to represent the original Optimus Prime equipped for a special mission. All of his red and blue plastics were changed to black, his clear blue windows were now tinted red, making his overall colour scheme very reminiscent of the now-familiar 'Black Convoy' color schemes.


Figure comes complete in the box. The box is in pretty good shape, but there is some slight wear from age/storage. The figure is in great shape with the stickers unapplied, the chrome is in good shape, and the legs on the PowerMaster are tight... no floppy PM figure here lol. There is a slight bit of something on the Powermaster, could be easily cleaned off, but I didn't want do any damage to the chrome. The stickers are unapplied on this figure, the sticker sheet is included, but there is some wrinkling on the sheet, and it will take a bit of TLC apply them correctly or some time to press the wrinkles out. I know this is not ideal, so I have priced this one quite a bit lower than I have the last few that I've sold. This is a GREAT deal for someone who wants to put a little work into the figure to save some cash, this won't last long.

Price: SOLD

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