Transformers: Red Mode Sixtrain (Chase)

Each case of twelve individual Sixtrain members came with two of them that were cast in solid red plastics, representing Sixtrain's powered-up "Red Mode". Of course, the packaging meant you didn't know which box had the red versions until you opened them up. All six team members were made available in this fashion.


Takara reissued the Sixtrain figures in 2003, included in each case of 12 figures were two randomly distributed figures that were cast in all red plastic. The figures were "blind boxed", meaning that you couldn't tell if you where getting a red chase figure until you opened the box. This set contains all six figures, and parts, to form Sixliner in his red "Power Up" mode. The figures are in great condition, and it's extremely rare to find all six figures together. Don't miss your chance to own this eye-catching piece at a great price.

Price: SOLD

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