Transformers: Reissue Brawn (Black Chase) Complete/Boxed

The Brawn mold was retooled by Hasbro licensee Fun4All and made as part of the second wave of Transformers keychains alongside Windcharger. A small plastic ring was added to the front bumper, which the metal key chain attaches to. The keychains came on pretty close reproductions of their original cardbacks from 1984. These were originally sold in chains like Hot Topic and video game stores, but over the course of several years, found their way even to the racks of Wal-Mart.

In Japan, the four Mini Vehicles were sold in small boxes. Each one was also available in a solid-black variation.


Released in 2003 this figure was an exclusive to 7-Eleven chain stores in Japan, and was only available as a limited chase figure. The figure comes complete with the keychain attachment, instructions, and box. The figure is in great shape, as well as the box, and will display very well.

A "must have" for any mini-bot collector, don't miss your chance to own this figure at a very good price.

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