Transformers: Reissue Bumblebee (Black Chase)

Bumblebee was reissued as a keychain by Fun4All under license from Hasbro in the US in 2001. Along with having its rear bumper retooled to accommodate the chain, the keychain form lacked the "Dunlop" text on the tires. The toy also returned to its original sticker set-up, doing away with the rubsign and restored the Autobot symbol on his chest. Hasbro made the figure available again in 2007, this time under the "Heroes of Cybertron" banner.

In Japan, all four Mini-Bot keychains were released in Japan in 2003 as 7-Eleven exclusives. Each of the keychains also had black "chase" versions.


Released in 2003 this figure was an exclusive to 7-Eleven chain stores in Japan, and was only available as a limited chase figure. The figure comes complete with the keychiain attachement (which can be removed).

Price: SOLD

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