Transformers: Reissue Hot Rod (Boxed)

The original Hot Rod toy was reissued by Takara in later December 2000, as part of a small line of reissues that celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of the Transformers toyline in Japan. The figure was retro-retooled from the Targetmaster version of the toy to fill the enlarged holes back in so that they could once again snugly accommodate his Photon Lasers. This version of the figure also reinstates the die-cast metal feet of its earliest release, and finally recolors the stickers on either side of the vehicle mode so that they now feature an accurate red background to match to the rest of the figure. The toy's packaging featured a metallic golden sticker advertising the anniversary.

This version of the Hot Rod mold was also used to create the simultaneously-available exclusives "Crystal Rodimus" (see below) and the evil clone, Black Rodimus.


Released in 2000 to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the Transformers franchise, this particular reissue was only available in Japan. The figure is complete, and comes with both weapons. There is a bit of wear on a few of the stickers(most notably the thighs), but nothing that will detract from its displayability. The box does show wear from storage/age, but it is 17 years old. The figure is priced to move, and would make a great addition to anyone's collection.

Price: SOLD

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