Transformers Return Of Convoy: Star Convoy (Boxed)

As the final new-design Optimus Prime toy from the original Generation 1 era, the Japanese-exclusive Star Convoy was a significant departure from previous versions. This incarnation of Prime transforms into an extended-hood cab truck of made-up model pulling an implausibly large trailer, incorporating the motorized "Microcarrier". Powered by four AA batteries, the Microcarrier drives Star Convoy either forward or backward, spinning a radar dish mounted on the rear of his trailer as he rolls along. Prime's teammate in the Battlestars, Grandus, can link up to the rear of Star Convoy's vehicle mode and be pulled along behind him; Sky Garry can then land atop Grandus, forming a giant vehicle.

Unlike previous Prime toys, the cab section does not separate from the trailer for transformation, instead forming the arms of his imposing 12-inch tall robot mode. He lacks any sort of leg articulation in this mode, but the Microcarrier comes into play again, allowing Prime to roll either forward or backward into action.

Additionally, Star Convoy transforms into a large battle station that interacts with the Micromasters that made up the vast majority of the Transformer toyline at the time. His chest contains a peg that allows Micromaster figures to stand inside it in either robot or base modes, and he comes with a unique Micromaster version of Hot Rod not available on its own. He features storage space in his legs for two spring-loaded figure-launching Micro Trailers, and comes with one of his own, decorated in a unique black and orange color scheme. In this mode, two ramps are connected to the Microcarrier; when the carrier's treads are set rolling, they do not move the base, but instead act as conveyor belts that carry Micromaster figures down the ramps. The Microcarrier also spins a gun turret mounted between the conveyors, on which Micromaster figures can stand. Finally, a special connector packaged with Star Convoy allows the Microcarrier to be connected up to Grandus's base mode, powering his moving elevator.


Released in 1991 Star Convoy was exclusive to Japan, and never made available in the U.S. The figure comes complete in the box with all its accessories. The box is in pretty good shape, as well as the Styrofoam tray. There is a small hole in the tray where Hot Rod goes, but this doesn't seem to be from wear or abuse, it looks more like it was just molded really thin. The figure itself is in great shape with no noticeable yellowing on the white parts.

This is a pretty rare figure, so don't miss your chance to add this one to your collection at a great price.

Price: SOLD

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