Transformers: Sixbuilder Giftset (Vintage)

The original version Sixbuilder was available only as a complete gift set in Japan. His component robots can be swapped around with the other similarly-built Six-Teams Sixturbo or Sixwing, and to some degree with Sixliner and Sixtrain. His combiner kibble can be assembled to make the "Beat Jet" vehicle that can be piloted by a single Micromaster. The original Six-Teams are considered among the more difficult Japanese Generation 1 pieces to find.


Released in 1992 as part of Takara's Operation Combination Generation 1 sub-line, these figures were only available in Japan, and never released in the United States. They were later reissued in Japan in 2002 with several color changes, and also had their stickers replaced with paint applications. You can see a comparison between the originals and reissues on Brr-icy's blog located HERE.

The figures come complete in the box with all the parts needed to form Sixbuilder. The box is in good shape with a bit of wear from age and storage, there is a crease on the flap, but for a piece of cardboard that's 25 years old it's hard to avoid. The figures are in great shape with no noticeable yellowing, and the stickers seem to be in great shape. This is a great chance to own this hard to find figure at a GREAT price.

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