Transformers: Sixbuilder Reissue

In 2002, the entire Sixbuilder team was re-released as part of The Transformers: Micromaster, in individual boxes with a number visible to show which mold was inside each box. For this release, all of the decals from the original version were replaced with paint applications. In addition, the plastic colors of all six components were changed. Sixbuilder could only be assembled by buying all six components individually; he was never offered as a complete set.


Released in 2002 by Takara this is a reissue of the Japanese exclusive figure Sixbuilder. The reissue has some color differences from the original, and has had the stickers replaced with paint applications. You can see a comparison between the reissue and vintage figure on Brr-icy's blog HERE.

The figures come complete with all the parts needed to form Sixbuilder, they could use a bit of cleaning but are in good shape. This is a great opportunity to own this figure at a fraction of the cost that the original goes for.

Price: $SOLD

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