Transformers Victory: C-320 Blacker MISB (Road Caesar Member)

Blacker transforms into a racing buggy with oversized studded tires. His transformation is notably simplistic for his size, but is a consequence of the Brainmaster gimmick which dominates his torso. Placing the small "Brain of Strength" figure into the open chest cavity then closing the plate pushes the inner core of the small robot up, forming the larger robot's face. As with the other Brainmasters, the Brain of Strength is designed to look like a miniature version of Blacker's larger robot mode. While Blacker is in vehicle mode, the Brain of Strength rides in his hinged cockpit.

Blacker is equipped with quite a few weapons, coming with a sword, a double-barrelled blaster, and a shield that mounts on his arm. When Blacker is in vehicle mode, his shield and blaster combine to form an elaborate weapons array that mounts on his roof. Blacker also combines with Laster and Braver (sold separately) to form Road Caesar, and his weapons form integral parts of the super robot; his blaster transforms into Road Caesar's head, his shield becomes his chestplate, and his sword combines with those of his teammates to create a large blade for Road Caesar to wield. The team's combination is rather non-standard, with Blacker forming everything above the knees.


Release in 1989 as part of Takara's Victory portion of the Generation 1 continuity, Blacker, and by extension Road Caesar, were only available in Japan and never released in the United States. Blacker combines with Brave and Laster to form the very rare Road Caesar figure.

This figure comes complete still sealed in the box! If your a collector, and I'm assuming since you're on here that you are, you know how hard it is to find sealed examples of vintage figures. The box is in excellent shape with the tape still intact, little to no wear, and no noticeable flap crease. Don't miss your chance to own this pristine example of this very rare figure.

Price: SOLD

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