Transformers Victory: Dashtacker (Complete/Boxed)

Multi-Dash Gun, Multi-Tacker Gun, Landcross right fist, Landcross footplate
Dashtacker was always sold as a set in the Victory toyline; the "individual" version had both Dash and Tacker in a single box. Of course, this meant you also had "Tackerdash".


Released in 1989 Dashtacker, the combined form of Dash and Tacker, were only available in Japan during their Victory portion of the Generation 1 continuity. Dash & Tacker are two of the six figures that can combine to form Landcross.

The figures are in great shape, with nothing broken, and all of their accessories. The box is a little rough (there is a crease in the flap), but will still display well. The bio-card is un-cut from the box, and the other side is still sealed, so anything that may have been on those flaps is also still intact. The instruction sheet is also included.

Don't miss your chance to own this hard to find set at an extremely good price!

Price: SOLD

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