Transformers Victory: Deathsaurus (Complete)

"Deszaras" transforms into a blue and grey dragon-like monster styled after traditional Japanese "kaijū"–though he also looks somewhat like a giant mutant space chicken, and in fact the animators would play up the bird-like features significantly more than the reptilian aspects in the cartoon. Unusual for late Generation 1 toys, he has die-cast-metal feet in beast mode.

Deathsaurus comes packaged with his Breast Animal partners, Tigerbreast and Eaglebreast, which transform from creatures into hand-held weapons for Deathsaurus, and a pair of breastplates which lock into a spring-loaded socket on the toy's body to form elaborate torso armor for the Deathsaurus's robot mode. Eaglebreast is inserted first, then Tigerbreast fits on top, concealing it; the figures can also be attached while Deathsaurus is in beast mode, which leaves them on his creature mode's back. Deathsaurus comes with armament in addition to his Breast Animals, including a light blue laser rifle—which, despite what the boxart and cartoon would have you believe, does not have a removable flail—that can be wielded by both an ordinary handle, and a second peg on its butt that allows it to be brandished like a staff or blade of some kind, and his "Death Tailer" shield, which mounts on either of his biceps, and transforms into his beast mode tail.


Released in 1989 as part of the Victory portion of the Generation 1 toy line, this figure was only available in Japan, and never sold over seas. The figure is complete with all accessories; Gun, Tail/Shield, Tiger Breast, Eagle Breast, and Eagle Breast's two small guns (almost always missing). The chrome is in good shape, there is a slight chipping of the black paint on one side of the head (see pics), but nothing that's too noticeable.

One of the rarer figures from the Japanese exclusive G1 line, this is a great figure at a great price. Don't miss your chance to make this "Grail" a part of your collection.

Price: SOLD

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