Transformers Victory: Goryu Shell Back (Dinoking Part)

Goryu's inner robot shares the same mold as the Pretender Monster Icepick, transforming into a bipedal, clawed monster. He comes with a rubbery, cyborg Tyrannosaurus rex shell in which he can be stored. The back of the shell can also store his rifle and the Dinoking footplate. Goryu can also transform into either leg to Dinoforce's combined Dinoking mode, but his nominal placement is as the giant's left leg.


One of the hardest to complete combiners, Dinoking parts are extremely hard to come by. This is the shell back for Goryu (D-322) the T-Rex. The piece does show a bit of wear from age, but will still be great for completing your Dinoking figure.

Price: $45.00

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